So last week the team set out to Cashew Gardens to volunteer with their waste management! Trinidad and Tobago is said to generate the most waste per capita in the world, inevitably ending up in their rivers and causing flooding. So, the Cashew community are keen to make Trinidad a greener place by improving their recycling facilities. We arrived to thousands of plastic bottles collected by the surrounding neighbourhoods, waiting to be sorted. Our role was to sort and count the plastic in order to present this data to organisations that will supply grants and funding. This collection scheme has been going on since January 2017 and so far has seen over 20,000 plastic items pass its doors.

In our short but very sweaty few hours of work, we managed to sort 3674 bottles! We then managed to squeeze in a few hours of liming (Trinidadian for hanging out or socialising!) with the lovely ladies of Cashew Gardens. We look forward to following the Cashew community in their journey and wish them every success!



The Trinidad Team


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