So we’ve reached the end of our first week in Trinidad and are settling in well! The team have spent a lot of time at the University of the West Indies St Augustine campus training in bat handling for Ellen and Rory’s Honours projects. This has involved setting up a variety of mist nets on campus to capture and identify the species.

We started the week practising using the ground nets before setting up the triple high net. To ID the species, we take a series of measurements and observations such as forearm length, gender, age, etc. This will help us understand the biodiversity of Trinidad’s bats.

And of course, we managed to take some selfies!

We also took our first trip to Port of Spain for a talk by the Trinidad & Tobago Field Naturalists’ Club on the Asa Wright Nature Centre on Thursday night. It was very interesting to find out the history of the Centre and how it came to be what it is today. This was followed by drinks and gyros – yum! We have also been working on our frog, turtle and geography projects so keep an eye out for posts coming soon!

On the not so academic side of the trip, we’ve been enjoying trying out the street food, mangoes(the best you’ll ever try), markets and of course, the beer of Trinidad!

Speak soon!



The Trinidad Team.


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